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All about this meme coin:

A new commuity meme

Sock Coin is a collective adventure where everyone gets a lot of Socks. Imagine this: 80% of the total supply is distributed to the community! Here's how it works: 50% at a Free Price: For 5 days, you can send any amount of BNB to this wallet sockoin.bnb , and based on your contribution, a percentage of Sock Coin will be allocated to you. The more you give, the more you receive, and the less likely you'll have cold feet! 30% in AirDrop: Who doesn't have holey Socks or cold feet? 30% of the total supply will be airdropped to the community. The percentage you receive will depend on your initial participation. Simple and effective! Be generous, and we will be too! 10% Reserved for Liquidity Pools: Once the 50% supply and the AirDrop have been distributed, liquidity pools will be created to ensure stability and smooth transactions. You will be able to trade your Sock Coins with ease. 5% for the Team: Because a good team deserves its reward, 5% of the supply is reserved for those working hard to make Sock Coin a success. 5% for CEX: Finally, 5% of the supply is reserved for centralized exchanges (CEX), ensuring maximum visibility and optimal accessibility.